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Kitchen Granite Countertops

The Pros and Cons that Come with Your Kitchen Granite Countertops

Whether you are looking at new homes, having your own one built or renovating your current kitchen, kitchen countertops are generally a large consideration. In fact, many people have turned down homes based on the look and feel of a kitchen which has a lot to do with its countertops! There are various materials that are used for kitchen countertops. However, when it comes to the kitchen granite countertops are common.

Granite countertops are generally more expensive than others. This is because the granite itself is expensive but so too is the labour to actually have it installed; probably because it is so heavy and requires extra support.

If you like a constantly changing kitchen granite countertops probably aren’t for you. Once your granite countertops are installed, you’ll pretty much have to learn to love them forever. They cannot simply be quickly removed and replaced and neither can you change the look or colour of the actual granite. Removing these countertops will cost you a fortune and may cause damage to your kitchen.

Despite the above, kitchen granite countertops are still a massively popular choice. Clearly most people don’t mind its downfalls when coupled with its benefits. First off, even though granite is expensive, it is one of the few materials that don’t depreciate in value. In fact, having these countertops can actually add value to your house.

Furthermore, with bacteria and germs aplenty in the kitchen, granite countertops are sanitary and extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a warm cloth and a detergent and they are spotless!
Being a natural surface formed by heat and pressure, you can bet that granite is a strong, durable and heat resistant countertop which suits the kitchen environment perfectly. A hot pan on this surface is no problem at all.

Lastly, the aesthetics of granite countertops is favoured by most. Granite comes in a variety of colours and “patterns” and has a naturally luminous sheen. So it’s clear that when it comes to the kitchen granite countertops are a winner!

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