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Kitchen Hardware

Tips on Making the Best Kitchen Hardware Selections

Kitchen hardware in its broadest form normally refers to all the “hard” elements that make up your kitchen. Therefore, your kitchen countertops, cabinets, handles and fixtures can all be seen as kitchen hardware. In order for your kitchen to have a succinct and put-together look that suits your personal style and the flow of the rest of your house; your hardware needs to complement your home as well as each kitchen element.

The general aesthetic of your kitchen usually begins with the selection of your cabinets and countertops. This combination will determine the direction that you would like to go in when it comes to the style of your kitchen. However, what you wouldn’t really think about until the last minute is your actual kitchen cabinet hardware!

Kitchen cabinet hardware refers primarily to the cabinet knobs and handles. And while the textures and colours of the cabinets and countertops you choose set the tone for your kitchen; the cabinet hardware truly defines your kitchen décor.

For instance, if you were to have dark wood cabinets and smooth granite countertops, you could combine them with long, sleek, barrel-like handles for a sophisticated modern look; or you could go for glass faceted knobs which would certainly add a dash of old school glamour. The options of kitchen hardware that allow you to leave a personal mark on your kitchen really are endless.

Other popular kitchen cabinet hardware options include chunky bronze or pewter in various shapes and styles which are perfect for a rustic, Tuscan or farm-style look. Simplistic white porcelain or plastic against bright coloured cabinets really come across as retro trendy. For something a bit quirkier or artistic, coloured and patterned glass and plastic knobs work excellently.

The best thing to do before browsing cabinet handles and other hardware is to have an idea of what you like and what you would like to communicate through your kitchen hardware. It’s really a lot of fun so don’t take it too seriously. Look for inspiration online or in home décor magazines. So easy!

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