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Wardrobe Hardware

Wardrobes and Wardrobe hardware Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Gone are the days where wardrobes and wardrobe hardware had to be boring! You would be surprised how sprucing up your wardrobes can make such a difference to the aesthetics of your home and bedrooms. Nowadays, there are so many types of wardrobes to suit your individual needs and personal style.

Wardrobe hardware consists of the actual materials that your wardrobes are made of as well as the handles and knobs attached to them. When buying or designing new wardrobes, speak to a professional about the kind of space that you need. This will determine the size and design of your wardrobe. Many people choose to have wardrobes without doors which create the illusion of space in a small room and also offer more wardrobe space in general. You will also need to decide on the structural elements of your wardrobe such as shelving, hanging space, drawers and so on. Arranging these in a quirky manner makes for an interesting aesthetic.

The actual material of your wardrobe is bound to be a kind of wood. You may choose a heavy and expensive wood which will have a luxury look and feel or you may choose a cheaper woodchip kind of material covered in a coloured board. The most common colour choice is white because it is so versatile and is easily accessorized with wardrobe hardware such as stylish knobs or handles. White is also a great choice for a small space. However, if you are braver and more eccentric, bright coloured wardrobes can really act as a focal point.

Whether you design your own wardrobes or purchase more affordable universal wardrobes; you can drastically determine their look by changing their knobs or handles. For instance, a plain white wardrobe with long, flat gold handles is bound to look extremely classy and a lot more expensive than it was in reality. Faceted glass knobs will add a girly and glamorous appeal whilst polished silver barrel handles will appear sleek and modern. Your wardrobe hardware options are endless and communicate your personality!

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